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About Us

Isabel Garretón® is a registered trademark conceived over 20 years ago to support the advancement of underprivileged women through the development of a carefully crafted collection of children's clothing and women's accessories.

Isabel Garreton's Presentation at University of California San Diego's Globalization from Below
May 28, 2009

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Ethically Manufactured
Isabel Garretón® started with Isabel Garretón wanting to develop a dignified work opportunity for underprivileged women, many of them with skills at risk of vanishing. The goal being to create an environment that would be professional, stable and sustainable. This setting has allowed those involved to address their needs, while perpetuating skills and traditions that speak loudly of touch to a world that worships technology, yet feels nostalgia for a time and place full of human content. Over the span of two decades the original 21 women has grown to over 100 working with us today.


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Hands to Hands


Products, Safety and Comfort
Bringing to market a complete product, with the highest standards has been a goal, market tested for over twenty years. Designs with unique fabrics and quality craftsmanship, sometimes handmade or with freehand embroidery and/or hand smocked, all rigorously checked. The pieces become investment purchases, they will last, and over time customers often comment how they have proudly kept their Isabel Garretón®.

As with all products, specially for children, safety is a primary concern when making design decisions at Isabel Garretón®. The instinct to suckle in babies, to put things in their mouth, to explore, to rub gums against sleeves, means a watchful adult is irreplaceable. At the same time you will find that our cut is generous to allow for free movement, whenever in doubt of fibers being itchy the garments are lined. Tulle, to give volume in some petticoats, is placed to avoid contact with the child. Necklines are open in would be turtlenecks to prevent them from being lowered tightly over their heads. Isabel Garretón® makes every effort to ensure comfort and safety.
Customer Service

A rare advantage of Isabel Garretón® is that we design, manufacture and distribute our own products. Our independently run manufacturing in Chile allows us to serve our customers special requests without the need for massive outputs expected otherwise. We also have an edge on flexibility where we can incorporate our customer’s needs and ideas quickly, all adding to the highest customer service whenever possible.


For all inquiries, email us at info@isabelgarreton.com.