A Message from Isabel for International Day of the Girl

 When I created Isabel Garreton as a children's clothing brand 30 years ago, I was an occupational therapist with a newborn daughter and a two year old daughter. I had no idea where this entrepreneurial journey would take me, but I was learning that being a mom was hard, sometimes overwhelmingly so, but also that the love you feel for your children expands your world view and one want so much for them to grow up in a better world.
Eventually becoming a mom of 3 girls, I was acutely aware that if I thought being a mom had challenges, imagine for women raising children in poverty, with limited education and work opportunities. Seeing this reality first hand in my native Chile, I also saw smart, hard working, talented, competent women who wanted to change the circumstances into which they were born and make a better life for their children. 
In our 30 years empowering women, the beautiful designs your children have worn have transformed hundreds of lives. 
Your purchase has allowed a single mother who had no other work opportunities after her son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy to work from home to be with him, pay for his care, and afford a dignified life them both by knitting beautiful baby booties. 
Your purchase has allowed a young mother with an elementary school education to support raising her daughter, pay for her education, and now that daughter is in Medical school. 
Each woman has her story: stories like being able to afford to take the bus instead of walking alone through dangerous neighborhoods, being able to afford to leave an abusive relationship, or get drug treatment for a family member. 
Fashion has a sad but well-earned reputation for exploitation in order to make inexpensive clothes and overwhelmingly those being exploited are women and girls living in poverty. As the internet has allowed people to learn where their clothing comes from, we are proud to have ALWAYS been a company that uplifts, celebrates, and empowers women. 
Today for International Day of the Girl, I look at my now grown three daughters, one of which works with me (a mother of two boys), and all the daughters of women we have worked with to see them carrying in their hearts strong values, thoughtfulness, and a tenacious desire to make the world a better place. I look at your beautiful children in the emails, Facebook & Instagram posts that you share with us, and it warms my heart to see the hope, love, and kindness with which these children are being raised.
I am proud that as a company Isabel Garreton has made the world a little bit of a better place for hundreds of women and girls over these 30 years. Thank you for supporting Isabel Garreton and making our designs a part of your family memories. 
Shopping ethically changes lives. 
Thank you,
Our Social Mission

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