Conservation Kit for Special Occasion Girls Dresses


Help to keep safe your precious garment for the next child or the next generation. Preserve your heirloom girls Flower Girl, Communion, Birthday, and Holiday dresses with our 100% Cotton Muslin Conservation Kit.

  • 50" x 24" 100% Cotton Tapered Muslin Garment Bag (Acid Free), Muslin offers a buffer against light, dust, humidity, and contaminants.
  • Tapered gusset to allow for petticoat fullness 
  • Buttons up the front to help keep your garments free of dust in your closet.
  • 10" Cotton Muslin Padded Hanger to minimize stress on your garment during storage. 
  • Acid Free Tissue Paper to put inside sleeves and bodice.
  • Isabel Garretón Keepsake box to keep accessories, charms, and other memories of this special day.
  • Add a monogram for easy identification over the years.

Ethically Manufactured - Isabel Garretón, carefully crafted and designed while providing a dignified work opportunity to underprivileged women. Learn more.

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