How to Tie the Perfect Bow for a Dress

We've put together these 9 simple steps to help you tie the perfect bow for a girl's dress. With one ribbon in blue and one in pink, it is easy to follow and takes just a few steps…Ready?

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I have spent a lifetime designing special girl’s dresses and had hundreds of photo shoots on girls of all sizes and ages, tying bows is something we really know about! We decided to create this video and graphic with simple steps that will deliver a perfect bow to help our customers complete the look for important and memorable events. We include this helpful graphic with the Special Occasion girl dresses we ship for First CommunionFlower GirlsGraduations, and Holidays

It is useful to know how to tie a pretty bow, a simple and handy skill to have when you need it.

How To Tie a Pretty Bow

1.  Center your ribbons to have equal lengths

2.  Left over Right (blue over pink)

3.  Left under Right (blue under pink)

4.  Fold a loop with the pink ribbon towards the right

5.  Bring the blue ribbon down and tuck it under the pink bow

6.  Pull blue ribbon through towards the left making a loop

7.  Pull both sides of the bow, pink and blue to secure the shape

8.  Adjust the size of the bow you want, then tighten it by pulling strongly on both sides

9.  The length of the remaining ribbon should be at least twice the width of the complete bow. I have seen them longer and sometimes in organza shorter. They all look beautiful.

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