Care & Conservation

Light — Low light levels are preferable for storage. Sunlight and florescent light are especially damaging.

Humidity & Temperature — Moist air, (over 60% humidity) warmth & lack of air circulation encourages mold, stains & deterioration. Basements and attics may provide extreme fluctuations in humidity levels, which is to be avoided. Plastic bags can trap humidity & result in mildew.

Insects — Inspect the garment regularly, furniture and carpet beetles & webbing clothes moths are especially attracted to silk.

Materials — Protect the textile piece from direct contact with wood, (avoid cedar chests especially for cotton and linen) ordinary cardboard or metal. Layers of acid free tissue or washed unbleached cotton muslin can be used to line boxes or containers. Ideally you would wash the muslin or change the tissue once a year. Flat storage or rolled in acid free tissue is better than hanging.

Product Specific to Itsatwist

Storage — Flat or hanging, its versatility will not be affected. Plastic bags trap humidity and result in mildew, avoid them. Lack of air circulation encourages clothes moths, who are naturally attracted to wool. Air out your twist.

Fluff of the Puffs — If you want your puffs to be fluffier, pick apart gently with your fingers.

I n d u l g e — 100% natural alpaca with 100% wool puffs. To better protect the properties of these handmade pieces dry clean.

A d v e n t u r e — 100% hand dyed wool with 100% wool puffs. To better protect the properties of this handmade pieces dry clean.

S p i r i t — 100% man made fibers with 100% wool puffs. To better protect the properties of the puffs dry clean.

  • If acid free tissue is not available. Replace with white tissue & renew every year.
  • Archival (acid-free) boxes can be purchased from conservation supply businesses.
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