Choosing the Right Size for a Girl's Special Occasion Dress

Meeting expectations of a special occasion dress for a flower girl, a communion dress, a graduation, a birthday can be a challenge. Everyone wants the girl in that dress to feel wonderful and carry the significance of what is being celebrated.

Age and size in girls can be difficult to match, children vary greatly in the way they grow and growth spurts happen unexpectedly. We, at Isabel Garreton, know. With so many events cancelled due to the pandemic, we have spent hours with mothers making allowances for size changes that are necessary because the original date of the event and the new date are a few months apart.

To help determine a girl’s size we provide a chart that can help. If that is insufficient, you can find a form in our website here that will ask you a few questions and a fit specialist we can help you decide which size is your best choice. If your child doesn’t fit a standard size for any reason or if she has a special need, we can offer a custom cut.

Sometimes a custom cut becomes an option because the weather, the event or a particular relative has specific requirements. These may vary from length, sleeves, color, fabric, etc.…

Many of the styles in our website offer fabric options, silk, taffeta, cotton; knee or mid-calf length, no sleeves or short sleeves, below the knee, mid-calf, or floor length, etc.…Two of the styles “Timeless” and “Fantasy”, both flower girl and communion dress favorites, offer a wide range of options, so it is possible to customize a girl’s special dress directly in our website. Should there be a need for a special color, we suggest you send a swatch or image so we may offer options.

Once the decision on which design or style, what fabric, size, length and the determination of having or not an exclusive customized cut, the final question, when appropriate has to be answered. Do you want to monogram the sash?

At Isabel Garreton, we believe that a monogram carries the weight of history, the pride of ownership and the representation of family, so when this is important, we offer a monogram on one side of the sash, so the monogram may or may not be exposed when the sash is used for different occasions.

We have been bringing to market our carefully crafted collection of children’s clothing for over 30 years. The goal has been to offer a complete product; ethically manufactured with the highest standards. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to assisting you in any way we can. Contact Us with any questions about creating a custom girls dress for your special events. 

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