Thoughts on closing Isabel Garretón after 30+ years of success and fulfilling our social mission...

In the coming month we will be closing Isabel Garreton, Inc., the company I founded over 30 years ago with one goal in mind: to provide a dignified work opportunity to underprivileged women through the development of a finely designed and crafted collection of children’s clothing.

When Covid first arrived it quickly became clear our company would be among those first in line to suffer the impact. The prospect of something happening to the company and to those who depend on it, leaving them like kites in the sky without a string, was overwhelming. This unexpected reality propelled me to organize a purposeful closure, with my sole objective being to provide some lasting financial security and independence to those who work for our company in the USA and abroad.

The staying power of Isabel Garreton as a brand, the number and exclusivity of its loyal customers accumulated over 30 years, presence in the best stores in the country and the absence of debt generated serious interest in the Isabel Garreton brand. We entertained offers but decided against selling the brand because it is my name and no interested parties convinced me they would continue the ethical manufacturing approach that has defined who we are.

Pioneering a different type of business conceived to help underprivileged women 30 years ago was met for a long time with disbelief, distrust and laughter, including from people close to me, as well as institutions. The path we took was not easy, it was intense and took many turns. I never gave up or measured the effort, and I loved the work, the people from many places in the world who came into my life, the creative space gifted to me and the beauty in what we did and how we did it.

To those who gave us advice, support, friendship, inspiration, their work, raw materials, and finished goods, to those who invested in our brand’s success, and to those who chose our designs; and made them part of their lives and family memories, THANK YOU. All the forms in which you participated in this endeavor allowed us to achieve our singular goal; because of what we did together many women were empowered to live fuller lives and raise and educate their children with pride and dignity.

In June 2022 Isabel Garreton will complete shipping all open orders and I will move on missing you all.

Thank you again.

Isabel Garreton

If you'd like to send a message or share a memory of how Isabel's designs have been a part of your family, please do so here. We will share you message and pictures with her directly. 

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  • I’m SO sad you’re closing! I have an 18 month old daughter and I had so many of your beautiful dresses in mind for future special occasions in her life. I applaud your 30 years of dedication and wish you the best!

    Samantha Dulaj on
  • You will be missed. I discovered you after searching for a dress coat for my granddaughter 6 years ago and fell in love with your clothing and social mission. Wishing all a happy, healthy and successful future.

    Loretta Lumelleau on
  • Devastated! We love your dresses. My two girls grew up with you. Your work is amazing.

    Please come back!!!

    Theresa Freese on
  • I am so disappointed to get this news. Our grandchildren love everything we have given them from you. Beautiful clothing, well-made and well-priced. I wish all of you well.

    Patricia Goodson on
  • Isabel, much to my sorrow, I had never heard of your company with all of your lovely, exquisite creations, nor this amazing opportunity that you have provided for so many women, worldwide. I am a new grandmother, and how I wish I had known of you a year ago, in the months before our precious one was born.
    I only wanted to pop in to say how much I admire you for this incredible thing you have done, and to thank you for all of the tremendous work it must have entailed. What a tremendous blessing your company has obviously been to so many many people. May your next chapter of life be just as blessed as you have blessed others.

    Marlene Ravey on

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